Inland Empire Numismatics Welcomes You!
  Inland Empire has the expertise, deep financial resources, and knowledge of the marketplace. We can sell, appraise, purchase or trade Rare Coins and precious metals, to best suit our clients’ interests, needs or strategies, whether you are a novice or a seasoned collector.
   Inland Empire Numismatics, Inc. was established in 1987, with over 30 years experience of true Numismatic Knowledge. Our goal is placing the finest Rare Coins in existence back into the hands of the true collectors and not just dealers. We strive to educate the public by speaking at Investment and Financial Conferences throughout the country as well as holding small and informal conferences and writing insightful publications for our clientele. We have assembled a team of experts to manage clients' investment desires as well as develop Collections that will rival the finest ever assembled. We are dedicated to serving the needs of both individuals and institutions, Worldwide, as our staff works hand-in-hand to serve discriminating collectors and investors, financial planners and corporate clientele.
Cash For Your Rare Coins!
We are willing buyers of all coin deals Big or Small. Whether you are a dealer, a serious collector or a sophisticated investor speak to us First. Many in the Industry consider us “THE DEALER’S DEALER.”
Single coins, sets, complete collections or dealer stocks We need it ALL!

• Proof Gold Coins
• Mint State Gold Coins
• Silver Dollar Bag/Roll
• Proof Silver Coins
• Mint State Silver Coins
• Mint State Commemorative
• Early Gold & Silver Coins
• Better Date Morgan &
   Peace Silver Dollars
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